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Hajj 2023

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu,

Alhamdulillah, we are now in a position to give you an update which Insha Allah has more substance to it.


  • Hajj 2023 is confirmed to go ahead for New Zealand
  • Last year’s disastrous system has been thrown out and revamped to the hajj Nusuk which has been advertised already in New Zealand by various Islamic organisations
  • This year introduces a new system that enables coordination with existing Hajj agents, such as Almarwah, but still allows Hajis to book packages directly via the website.
  • We need your feedback on your preferences so we can ensure the appropriate packages are loaded onto

Please keep reading below for a more detailed explanation and what to do next.


It is business as usual. Customers are able to apply directly on the Saudi online system for visa, hotel etc. i.e., the total package. Almarwah has not yet established a Saudi partnership in this area in order to be able to offer group bookings with Almarwah designed packages. We envisage that this will be a while yet as we need to sort out Hajj 2023 first.

Hajj 2023

General rules

  1. Hajj 2023 will go ahead this year with normal country quotas allocation
  2. Age limit has been lifted
  3. There will be online individual bookings as offered in the previous year
  4. The dates for Hajj 2023/1444H are 26 June – 1 July 2023.
  5. Covid restrictions have been lifted
  6. Pilgrims must be fully vaccinated against Covid 19
    1. Pfizer/BioNTech. 2 doses
    2. Oxford/AstraZeneca: 2 doses
    3. Janssen. 2 doses
    4. Moderna. 2 doses
    5. Sinopharm. 2 doses
    6. Sinovac. 2 doses
    7. Covaxin. 2 doses
    8. Sputnik V. 2 doses
    9. Nuvaxovid. 2 doses
    10. Covovax. 2 doses
  7. Quarantine requirements: No quarantine will be necessary for foreign pilgrims fully vaccinated with vaccines approved in Saudi Arabia.
  8. Insurance: medical insurance to cover any COVID-19 related treatment costs during their stay required.
  9. Wearing a mask is still required for entry to the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, and specifically designated places such as some public events, public transportation and health facilities.

Hajj rules for pilgrims from Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand

  1. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has an online portal where New Zealanders can register electronically for Hajj. However, after last year dismal failure we don’t know exactly what are the changes in the software, policies and services for this year of Hajj 2023.
  2. The good news is that the Ministry of Hajj acknowledges now that there is a place for agencies in the west. Last year showed that the Saudi authorities were not set up to deal with our customers’ standards and requests.
  3. Therefore this year we are attempting to have a hybrid solution that will still use the Saudi Portal for registrations and payment etc. But agencies will be able to guide customers to a selection of packages that will avoid confusions and disappointments.
  4. This can only work if individual agencies become part of a bigger organisation that will represent all agencies at a government (Saudi) level. Checks and balances are being put in place to ensure this.

How is it going to work for Almarwah customers.

  1. Background:
    1. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has an online portal where New Zealanders can register electronically for Hajj. However, last year this portal was highly ineffective.
    2. There is a current portal for trial,, where one can start to create profile etc. We are not asking you to wait to register and put in your details but we recommend you give us a bit of time when you will need to choose your package. This way you could make an informed decision.
    3. Almarwah wish to have predetermined packages available on this website. Almarwah will guide its customers to selecting those packages and all payments etc. will be done on line as usual.
    4. Disclaimer: we do not know exactly when we will be able to load all the package information. We will provide with regular updates to that effect. If you prefer to complete all your bookings and make payments without waiting for Almarwah, we totally understand. We do not want for you to miss your opportunity for Hajj.
  2.  Benefits:
      1. Our customers will officially belong to a New Zealand group managed by Almarwah under the umbrella of a consortium representing European and American Pilgrims. We will refer this consortium as this stage as “C”.
      2. C is one of few consortiums of Hajj agencies. C will represent us and deals directly with the Ministry of Hajj and other Saudi Hajj suppliers.
      3. C is a legally established and recognised organisation allowing our region to be represented and have a voice.
      4. The Ministry of Hajj is still very involved in managing the wellness of the pilgrims e.g., complaint procedures, lack of service, pricing etc.
      5. This means that unlike last year, we will be planning (there is still a lot to be sorted out):
        1. A New Zealand group managed by New Zealand (guides, rooms, transportation, group issues etc.)
        2. The group is co-ordinated and travels together
        3. Group leader available
        4. Imam per 200 people available
        5. Knowledge (lectures etc.)
        6. Season starts mid-June, finish mid-July
        7. Pre-designed packages economy and upgrade
        8. Price available upfront not including airlines (customised air travel available)
  3. Packages are organised by a Hajj supplier in Saudi in coordination with C and Almarwah. We aim to design packages at the prices below (approximations only, dependant on cost and availability of flights from NZ):
    1. Economy: 6000 Euros – NZD approx. 10 200
      1. Provide a guide to register on the data platform
      2. Organise flights
      3. Makkah housing
      4. Madinah housing
      5. Sacred rites of Hajj (Mina)
    2. Economy Plus: 8500 Euros NZD approx. 14 500
      1. Provide a guide to register on the data platform
      2. Organise flights
      3. Makkah housing
      4. Madinah housing
      5. Sacred rites of Hajj (Mina)
      6. Guidance and accompaniment
      7. Housing next to the holy mosque after Hajj
      8. Group transportation
      9. Extra meals
      10. Sacrifice

Almarwah proposed Package

We would like to build and propose our own package and get this priced by C. To this effect we will send you all a link to a survey as to what you would prefer as our customers and we will get a quote. It is important that you answer the survey as fast and accurate as possible.

    1. You must understand that we will not be handling any payments as such at this stage.
    2. It is important for you to give us a firm commitment on your Hajj intentions because this will dictate the number we will be allocated in our quota and also for the group booking by the Saudi company.
    3. It is possible that we will ask you for a deposit in order to guarantee space. At this stage we believe that our arrangements will bypass lottery system.
    4. Below is information provided by C
      1. The ministry of Hajj has started planning very early this year, we hope this will help us to be able to organize good service for our customers.
      2. Active communication and events are taking place in the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia, as well as its sub-supplier companies.
      3. There are still a lot of details to be worked out. However, C’s position is very advanced compared to other similar organisations.
      4. There are representatives from C is in Makkah right now, having intensive meetings and discussions with a lot of concerned partners regarding flights hosting and package forms.
      5. C recommends Almarwah advertises for Hajj, quickly collect our Quota, receive passport copies from our customers, as well as a photo. Non-citizen customers need residence permit proof.

Where to from here

  1. Perform full register online with Almarwah
  2. Include all information regarding passport and provide copies etc.
  3. We will guide you through requirements as we have information
  4. To have the correct number of pilgrims is important for us in view of our quota as well as for our Hajj supplier pricing to us.
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