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The following documents are required for your Hajj visa application. We will send your application to the Saudi Embassy on your behalf and the final decision lies with them

ALL documents below are REQUIRED. Missing documents may result in delay or rejection of the Hajj visa.


  • Must be valid for at least 6 months from departure date and have two free pages.
  • Your passport must be undamaged and readable by an electronic reader. Most modern passports are. If you are unsure, please contact us.
  • Non-New Zealand OR Fiji passport holders must have work or residency visa, valid for at least 2 years.

FOUR colour passport photos

  • Women must be wearing hijab (head scarf) in photos

A filled & signed Saudi Visa application form

  • Download by clicking here: Hajj-Visa-Application-Form
  • First Place of issue – refers to your qualification
  • Second Place of issue – refers to your passport details (must match what is in your passport)
  • Relationship – refers to your mahram (husband/brother/etc.). Put your mahram name on the right.
  • Leave travel details empty for us to complete
  • Payment details: Free

A proof of vaccination for meningitis (ACYW135) and common flu

  • You can obtain this from your GP or a travel clinic.
  • Must be signed and stamped by the medical centre or doctor.
  • Validity must not more than three years and not less than 10 days prior to departure.

A Letter of Introduction from your local Masjid/ Islamic Centre.

  • Must Include:
  • Your full name, and passport details
  • Who you are travelling with in your family
  • Your intention to travel for hajj this year
  • Statement that you are a Muslim
  • Original stamp and signature from the Masjid’s office.

For infants and children up to 15 years of age

  • A vaccination report for Polio

If you are a Mahram (guardian) for any spouse or dependent on this trip ,

  • Proof of kinship, copies of marriage or birth certificates authenticated by a Justice of Peace .

If you are a woman over the age of 45 and are travelling without a Mahram

  • A signed letter from a Mahram stating that he has no objections to your travel