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Hajj Package


Cost – NZD and FJD based on the country of origin for which the package applies as advertised on the Website. Full payment due upon application to secure 100% confirmation of reservation.

The word package here refers to the goods or services that will be provided to the applicant upon registration and full payment as directed by ALMARWAH.

Price Includes:

  1. Airfares to and from Saudi from package point of departure and return. [Any other arrangements such as side trips are to be discussed and agreed upon with Almarwah at the time of application and prior to payment.]. A separate form is to be filled up online or attached hard copy printed and submitted.
  2. All accommodation as advertised in the package in Saudi Arabia during the duration of the tour
  3. All transportation for the group i.e. Airport transfers in Saudi, inter-cities between Makkah and Madinah, 2 group Ziyara (1xMakkah & 1xMadinah), transportation to Mina and back to the hotel.
  4. Meals. provided by the hotel package i.e. buffet breakfast and dinner
  5. Hadi (Qurbani)
  6. Normal visa processing
  7. Ihram for men
  8. Umbrella
  9. Prayer counter
  10. ZamZam water
  11. Restrictions are as per Terms and Conditions


Does not include:

  1. Extra airfares or travel cost to and from package points of departure and return
  2. Extra visa fee based on multiple visits within 5 years or any other. You will be advised on exact fee as per Saudi government demand. We understand at the moment this is SAR 2000.
  3. Extra transportation required for: luggage, outside planned group activities or personal requirements
  4. Meals outside the hotel or Mina package e.g. during travelling, delays, transit etc.
  5. Extra costs or provisions as outlined in the Terms and conditions below

Payments: – we recommend full payments at registration stage.

  1. Confirmation that the package has been sold to you will take place only when 100% of the package price has been paid
  2. The numbers of Hajj Visas are restricted
  3. The sale priority list and confirmation of package sale list is constantly adjusted based on the percentage of the package paid i.e. 100% paid package have priority over deposits and partially paid package. The list is not time based but payment based.

Registration opens:

  • February 29th 2020 at which point a minimum deposit of 50% of the package price is a minimum requirement
  • March 15th 100% Payment
  • Application close date 31st April 2020 unless all places have been filled up prior.

Note that we recommend that you secure your place with full payment as soon as practicable. Customers making full payments will have priorities. If we run out of package before application closing date and you did not pay in full, your money will be refunded in full. If you did not pay in full by closing date and we did not sell all our packages you will be charged for the non-refundable cost incurred in securing a place for you with our suppliers.

Waiting list:

Should our quota be full upon your application, you will be put onto the waiting list and notified of any availability. If you are not successful, you will be refunded 100%

Almarwah reserve the right to determine the priority for the customers on waiting list. Considerations will be given to the time of application, whether the applicant is performing hajj for the first time, individual circumstances and so on.


All information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will not be given to any third parties without consent.

Cancellations & Refunds:

Before 15th March 2020 Full refund given minus processing expenses and handling cost of $200

After 15th March 2020 you might be charged for the non-refundable cost incurred in securing a place for you with our suppliers. Refer to note in payment section.


Applicants will be selected at Almarwah Travel’s discretion and will be based on a number of criteria including age, previous performance of Hajj, Mahram requirements and date of deposits.

Almarwah Travel Limited reserves the right to decline any application without having to provide any reason.



ALMARWAH TRAVEL Limited is an approved Hajj Agent by the Ministry of Hajj of Saudi Arabia. If you require confirmation please call the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Wellington on (04)-472 3655. Almarwah Travel Limited will be referred to as Almarwah in the rest of this documentation.


  1. ALMARWAH acts only in the capacity of Agent for the pilgrims in making arrangements for airlines, hotels, transportation and any other services in connection with the performance of their Hajj as per this application form.
  2. ALMARWAH will not be liable to the client for any claims against non-fulfilment, unsatisfactory or non-performance of services and products purchased on the client’s behalf by the company from third parties such as (but not limited to) airlines, hotels, tour operators etc. ALMARWAH makes every effort to ensure that all the arrangements and services connected with a client’s tour will be carried out as specified in the most efficient and effective way possible. ALMARWAH will assist the client during his/her tour to solve any issue or complaint between him/her and third parties such as (but not limited to) airlines, hotels, tour operators. However; ALMARWAH does not have direct control over the provision of services by suppliers and, whilst they are in all cases selected with the utmost care, ALMARWAH does not accept liability for the errors and omissions of such suppliers.
  3. ALMARWAH is only responsible to manage travel from the group departure point and its destination as advertised on our website. All other domestic or international travel outside the defined group travel route is entirely the responsibility of the customer undertaking to do so. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep up to date with ALMARWAH travel dates and plan accordingly. ALMARWAH will not be responsible or liable for any loss incurred in the instance of lack of booking, missed flights etc.
  4. ALMARWAH and/or associated Companies or Agents assume no liability whatsoever for accidents, injury, damage, loss, delay or inconvenience that may be caused to person or property, caused or arising during any tour under its management, sponsorship, procurement or otherwise.
  5. ALMARWAH under this Agreement shall be excused from the performance of its obligations thus accepting no liability or responsibility for any alterations, delay or cancellation caused by and including an act of God, acts of terrorism, voluntary or involuntary compliance with any regulation, law or order of any government, war, acts of war (whether war be declared or not), labour strike or lock-out, civil commotion, epidemic ( such as covid-19), failure or default of public utilities or common carriers, destruction of production facilities or materials by fire, earthquake, storm or like catastrophe or other circumstances amounting to force majeure. The payment of invoices due and owing hereunder shall in no event be delayed by the payer because of a force majeure affecting the payer.
  6. ALMARWAH will not be responsible for any person missing any part of the program, including travel arrangements, due to his negligence or delay or absenteeism for any time during the tour and will not be responsible for any additional expenses for the participant to re-join the tour. No refund, reduction or exchange can be made in respect of accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, transport or any other services which are included in the tour fares, but not utilised by the passenger for any reasons whatsoever.
  7. ALMARWAH is not associated with any New Zealand or foreign government offices or Embassies and will not be responsible for the granting or denying of documents. ALMARWAH will not be responsible for the delay or damage of documents due to any consulate or other government office. ALMARWAH will also not be responsible for delays or damage due to delivery services or natural disasters.
  8. Every pilgrim shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Hajj during, before and after performing Hajj and during their stay in the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia.
  9. The conditions which relate to your travel trip are covered in the brochures on the Flight Operator you are travelling with, plus the tickets issued to you as well as this document and information posted or communicated by ALMARWAH.
  10. ALMARWAH will not be liable or responsible for any incurred cost or compensation such as extra accommodation, changes or addition to issued airline tickets etc. resulting from incidents, sickness or death. While pilgrims are covered by a Saudi Government health insurance while they are in Saudi. It is recommended that all applicants take advance precautionary measures before their departure, such as agreements with family members or friends or travel insurance in order to best mitigate unforeseen circumstances.


Full payment is required upon submission of this application to indicate confirmed reservation. Once payment is received you will be considered for selection as part of the Hajj group for the applicable year and a place will be reserved for you upon approval. Refer to Package – Payments details above.

ALMARWAH reserves the right not to accept customers or bookings (or in exceptional cases to cancel confirmed ones) at our discretion and for whatever reason without the need to justify such refusal. Typical reasons for rejecting a customer or booking include, but are not limited to: Accommodation request, breach of the Terms and Condition Agreement, force majeure events, trade or economic sanctions, embargoes, legal restrictions, (suspicions of) fraud or theft, suspected criminal activity, suspicious bookings, submission by customer of misleading or erroneous information, credit card problems, inappropriate behaviour, threats, insults, violence, refusal to supply information, practical obstacles, communication problems. In case a booking is rejected or cancelled by ALMARWAH and a payment has already been made, ALMARWAH will refund the total booking value.

CANCELLATIONS: ALL cancellations must be in writing. Date restrictions governs refund policy.

All written cancellations other than mentioned in (5) above will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If the claim is successful, all portion of fees paid to ALMARWAH that have not already been paid out for goods and services at the time of the claim will be reimbursed in full to the applicant. However, the portion of fees that have already been paid out will only be reimbursed to the amount that ALMARWAH is able to claim back from its suppliers of goods and services minus any recovery fees incurred.

I accept ALMARWAH TRAVEL’s refund policy as stated in the application form that I have filled, understood and signed on page 2 of this document.


Every applicant is responsible for being at point of departure at least 4 hours before departure time. ALMARWAH is not liable for any passengers who miss the departing flight due to failure to comply. Hajj visa will be issued within 2 weeks before departure and hence all required documents associated with issuing the Hajj visa are required well in advance of submitting the Hajj visa.

Every applicant shall be responsible for holding a valid international passport with at least six (6) month’s validity from the return date. If the applicant does not hold a New Zealand passport, they should submit documented proof of legal residence. Please note that all Hajj visas are now completed using an electronic passport reader. Your passport MUST be readable by an electronic passport scanner. Passports may be rejected by the Saudi Embassy if the passport cannot be read due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged passport (rips, water damage, smudges, etc.)
  • Incomplete data such as Date of birth, Issue place, etc.
  • Misreading in the Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ)
  • Non-compliance with international standards

ALMARWAH is not liable for any extra costs incurred or delays caused if the passport submitted is not readable by an electronic passport scanner.


The normal minimum allowance by passenger in accordance to prevailing airline’s regulations of 23 Kgs only. 5 Kg extra baggage allowance for 5 litres of Zamzam water exiting Saudi are allowed on certain carriers, if not ALMARWAH will arrange for alternate transportation. Excess baggage charge must be paid locally by the passenger. Each passenger is limited to One (1) suitcase for check in only. Strict limitations to cabin baggage (1 piece only) size and weight to be observed. However, as baggage allowance is based on the airlines, any changes will be advised once the airline of choice is contracted. 


ALMARWAH is not responsible for any lost or stolen luggage or personal items for the durations of any of its Hajj packages. ALMARWAH cannot pay any compensation for any lost or stolen luggage including personal items under any circumstances during Hajj trip. It is the customer’s responsibility to take care of all personal and valuable items at all times. ALMARWAH recommends customer purchase insurance to protect themselves should such a situation arise. ALMARWAH is not responsible to transport or oversee the transportation of customer’s luggage that are outside the normal allowance of the carrier (airlines) used during the trip.


If you are not a New Zealand passport holder, you may require a transient visa for stopover countries on the route of the airlines chosen for the Hajj group. ALMARWAH is not responsible for passengers’ transient visa cost, approval, decline or delay, and any resulting damages. Any passenger requiring a transient visa for stopovers on our route is required to apply independently. Any cost for transient visas is the responsibility of the passenger. Passengers are strongly advised to apply for required transient visas as soon as their Hajj application is approved.


Hadi is a sharia requirement if you perform Hajj Tamattu’. This is normally the case for 99% of our pilgrims. You must sacrifice at the end of your Hajj rituals.


Qurbani is an Eid sacrifice sheep, it is a Sunnah therefore it is not a Hajj requirement. If you wish to offer a Qurbani it will be at an additional as outlined in the price schedule on the application form above.


Unforeseen changes to airline schedule and local conditions may require sightseeing, hotels, and routings to be changed. If this occurs, alternative arrangement will be made wherever possible. ALMARWAH has the right at any time during the Hajj season (before the arrival to Saudi Arabia) to change or replace any booking of a room or a hotel or airline, but must be matched or similar to the room or the hotel as mentioned in the Hajj package which is published on the website of ALMARWAH and according to the Registration Form and the Terms and Condition Agreement which is completed and submitted by the applicant.

In the unlikely event that ALMARWAH has to cancel any tour prior to departure for whatever reason, ALMARWAH will refund in full the total amount it is refunded from all the airlines, hotels and other service providers, without further obligation whatsoever.


Any aspect of Hajj travel and environment can be difficult and rough due to the sheer number of travellers, the amount of ground to be covered and pressure on services and infrastructure. Loss or damage of properties often occur. In this case if you are favourable to insurance then we highly recommend that you take travel insurance.

Note that there are different points of view (Fatwa) regarding insurance. It is generally not approved as a Sharia-compliant product. For this reason, the Hajj package does not include any insurance. However, it is up to the individuals to arrange for their own personal or travel insurances if they desire to do so.


Be advised that anybody requiring wheelchair assistance on the ground in Saudi Arabia will be responsible to provide details as to how they intend to be moved around. It is not the responsibility of Almarwah to provide manning assistance for wheelchair. While we will endeavour to assist wherever possible to help procuring services. We are not liable to guarantee such service.