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Hajj 2023

Almarwah is organising Hajj 2023 for New Zealand in accordance with latest Minsitry of Hajj requirements. Click the button below for latest updates.

Hajj 2023 Updates

About Almarwah

Almarwah is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated, is a relatively young company that is run by open minded people with fresh outlook.

Almarwah is committed to listen to your travel requirements and enhance your travel experiences. For some of us, there is so much more to travel than getting from point A to B. We all have a travel bug in us waiting for a TEESE (Travel – Enjoy – Explore – Seek – Enrich).

Almarwah offers personal spiritual growth experiences ranging from light experiences consisting of understanding cultures and traditions while you are on holidays to deep experiences from our specialised programs comprising of pilgrimage (Hajj and Umrah), holy sites tour and academic learning tours.

Our Hajj tours are valued with Team Leaders who are well known and dedicated individuals in the New Zealand and Fiji communities. They come recommended with impressive number of years of experience hosting and guiding Hajj and Umrah tours.


100% New Zealand Owned Hajj Provider

Almarwah Travel is a leading Hajj and Umrah agency in New Zealand. Our philosophy is continuous improvement for all of our services.

We Listen

We encourage customer feedback. We have been actively listening to your needs at the time of application, making note throughout the hajj processes and inviting suggestions with our online questionnaire and online feedback. We are aware of your requirements whether you speak to us in English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, French or the universal language of brotherhood.

We Improve

From Hajj 2017, we no longer stay in Aziziyah or Shishah as our discerning customers want to fully enjoy being on the doorsteps of the haram in Makkah. In 2018 we upgraded to a new VIP Mutawwuf as we demand better services for you. We have also noted that minimum transit is preferred to having a journey break so we are back to the most direct flights suitable for the package that will best serve our customers intending to have side trips. Our new online booking system developed for Almarwah by Almarwah introduced last year was a success with customer interface and online management. We are making even more improvements this year for 2020 enabling a greater amount of information to be shared and processed. Almarwah has also put in place a process that will allow it to have better control of hotel and flights booking.

We Deliver

We aim for 100% delivery. Given the circumstances and environment under which we operate this is a challenge that we enjoy and thrive upon. We specifically aim at minimum discomfort for the elderlies in reaching the Haram, at maximum access to the dynamic youth to the Haram at all hours and by staying at the doorstep of the Haram in Makkah, the debilitated sick can pray in their hotel prayer rooms for the same rewards.

Our services are designed to provide ease and comfort so that you can focus on your worship without worrying about anything else.

The Team

Mohammad Rasheed

Mohammad Rasheed

General Manager, Co-founder
Khalifa Hasi

Khalifa Hasi

Executive Manager, Co-founder
Hesham Jones

Hesham Jones

IT Systems Administrator

Umrah Packages

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