Welcome by the New Management

It is an exciting, rewarding and hardworking period for the people behind Almarwah Travel Limited as we strive to uphold the promise of a better, more efficient and continuously improving company to best serve our diversity of existing and new customers who have religious or secular business in the Middle East.

Our target is to be the best and largest New Zealand registered Hajj and Umrah operator. We will be measured by the growing number of satisfied customers and increase in the numbers of visas on offer. In order to do this we have:

  1. Appointed our Executive Manager who is a professional and well experienced person who has successfully planned, organized, managed and personally overseen all Hajj and Umrah transactions in Saudi Arabia for years.
  2. Established partnership with Travel 2000, an IATA approved agency that has many years of experience with group bookings for New Zealand and Fiji passport holders travelling to the Middle East and other favorite Islamic destinations
  3. Established relationship with well-known and successful Hajj leaders in both New Zealand and Fiji
  4. Committed to publish our packages well ahead of time to allow for better planning and best deals for our customers

Finally, we are aware that there is a great demand for Umrah in 2016. Due to the change of ownership at Almarwah at the end of November 2015, we have had to redo all the paperwork and applications with the Ministry and Umrah operators in Saudi Arabia. We are limited by the processing time and therefore are unable to offer Umrah packages until after Hajj 2016.