Almarwah Travel Limited is proud to release its

2018 Hajj Package

New Zealand


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1. Mission and intent:

In brief, Almarwah Travel Limited aims to provide a high standard package at a price reflecting exceptional value to our customers

2. Our Market:

They are discerning customers who want to maximise their time at the Harams both in Makkah and Madinah and during the Hajj days.

  • They demand a high standard of accommodation and services to minimise any distractions during Hajj
  • The younger generation wants to comfortably go to haram at all hours of the day and night
  • The older generation’s exposure to heat, walking distance and time to leave the hotel to the Haram is minimised

3. Points of difference:

We invite you to compare to other packages, we believe we are the closest to the haram:

  • We are “Ring Side”. Our hotel in Makkah is off the “marbles of the Haram” in a true 5-Star Hotel.
  • Our stay by the Haram in Makkah in the longest i.e. 10 nights
  • We are back to the haram straight after Hajj in mina on the night of the 12 Makkah is 100% accessible to the Haram at all time (excl. Hajj days)
  • Additional Umrah is easy due to bus station to the meeqat immediate to the hotel
  • Minimum amount of packing / unpacking and displacement which is difficult and time wasting i.e. 3 steps accommodations (2 hotels and Mina Camp).

4. We Listened to our customers (airlines)

Our customers last year requested for breaking of journeys with sufficient stops to relax and be fresh. We have done it with hotel rest in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on the way to and back from Saudi Arabia

5. Accommodations:

All hotels and Mina camp accommodation of high standard. Buffet breakfast and dinner in hotels and all meals and refreshments in Mina

Our Makkah Hotel is Swissotel

Our Madinah Hotel will be Movenpick or equivalent (waiting confirmation anytime now).

6. High demand:

Alhamdullilah, after 2 successful year in a row, demand for this year is high and we are confident that our quota will be full soon for New Zealand. Fiji marketing will kick off soon and there is a considerable number of customers that have expressed their interest.

7. Fiji:

Airline itinerary for Fiji is confirmed. I we can do better, this will be published next week as we are seeking a route to Jeddah that will avoid the requirement of applying for visas.

8. Itinerary:

1 11th Aug Depart Auckland, Nadi AKL / Nadi Airport
2 12th Aug Arrive in Jeddah Airport Jeddah Airport
2-7 12th Aug – 18th Aug Stay in Makkah (7 Nights) Swissotel (5 Star)
5 Tours to Holy landmarks
8 19th Aug Day of Tarwiya Mina
9 20st Aug Day of Arafah Arafah day
9 Travel to Muzdalifah Muzdalifah Night
10 21st Aug Jamrah Al-Aqaba  Mina
10 Sacrifice Hady, Cut hair  Mina
10 Tahallul min al-Ihram  Mina
10 Eid celebration  Mina
11-12 22nd Aug ‐ 23rd Aug Perform stoning of Jamarat Mina
12-14 23rd Aug – 25th Aug Swissotel Hotel (3 days) Swissotel (5 Star)
15-24 26th August – 4th Sep Madinah (9 nights) Movenpick or Inter-Continental
  Tours to Holy landmarks
24 4th Sep Depart for Auckland / Nadi From Jeddah Airport
26 6th Sept Arrive in Auckland / Nadi Auckland Airport

9. Airlines


1 QF 152 11AUG 6 AKL - MEL I 0710 0925
2 UL 605 11AUG 6 MEL - CMB 2 1610 2230
3 UL 281 12AUG 7 CMB - JED 1425 1810
4 UL 282 04SEP 2 JED - CMB N 1925 0415+1
5 UL 604 06SEP 4 CMB - MEL 0020 1440
6 QF 151 06SEP 4 MEL - AKL 2 2315 0445+1


1 FJ 413 10AUG 5 NAN - AKL 1930 224
2 FJ 410 07SEP 5 AKL - NAN 1255 1600

QF= Qantas, UL = Sri Lankan Airlines, FJ= Fiji Airways

10. Services

  • A website featuring all information needed
  • Classes / Seminar in Auckland and Fiji before departure
  • Reading material, access to religious questions
  • Ihram for men and ladies, belts, counter
  • Guides and religious leaders in Makkah and Madinah for religious rituals and questions
  • Tours in Makkah and Madinah

11. Posters

Posters and advertisement material will be available by the end of next week.

12. Registration:

If you have not registered or expressed your intent to register, please do it immediately through our website to ensure that you will have a space.

13. Cost:

New Zealand NZD 10,560.00

Fiji FJD 15, 800.00

Please refer to our terms and conditions as:

Fiji cost does not include: Qurbani and visa cost to New Zealand.

New Zealand cost does not include Qurbani

Anybody returning to perform Hajj within the past 5 years will pay a Saudi tax of SR2000

14. Payments:

We require a 50% deposit by Monday 19th February 2018 into our account.

15. Your help as our partners would be appreciated:

We will be very grateful to you and you would help us greatly if you would pay the total amount i.e. 100% by Monday 19th February as this will guarantee your place and also help us with our payments to our suppliers such as airlines and hotels.

16. Bank Details:

Local Payments:

Our New Zealand Account:

Account Number:

Overseas Payments:

Account number: 0339430-02
Bank name:      ASB Bank Limited
Bank address:   12 Jellicoe Street, ASB North Wharf, Auckland 1010 - PO Box 32 Auckland
SWIFT code:     ASBBNZ2A
Bsb:            123066

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