All you need to know about your upcoming Hajj

For those present at the Almarwah Hajj 2017 Seminar, as well as those absent, please feel free to download the presentation for your reference.

Almarwah Hajj 2017 Presentation

Here is the list of recommended items to bring with you on your travels:


  • Vitamins
  • Prescription medication with script from Doctor to support
  • Asthma spray, allergy tablets, EpiPen (auto injector) etc.
  • General over the counter pain killer (Panadol), cold tablets, diarrhoea or
  • constipation tablets, cough drops, Vicks or whatever you feel is essential
  • Personal hygiene / toiletries set (toothbrush / paste, your own stuff etc.)
    • Unscented soap – During ihram
    • Unscented deodorant – During ihram
    • Unscented Vaseline – During ihram
    • Toilet paper or tissues – During ihram
  • Clothes

    • Backpack between Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat and Mina and Mecca.
        • Think what you will wear during 5 days of hajj
        • All clothes are Ihram for women(underwear, trousers, abaya,

      hijab, socks, etc.)

        • Men can pack an extra set of Ihram if needed and clothes when

      they get out of Ihram

      • Small towel


  • Pair flip flops for bathrooms and for men when in Ihram
  • Comfortable walking shoes / sandals
  • Accessories

  • Large-brimmed hat to provide shade
  • Umbrella – Can buy in Saudi
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal traveling prayer mat – can buy in Saudi
  • Tawaf counter – Provided in Saudi
  • A camp stool / chair if you have problem sitting in the floor
  • Wheelchair can be purchased in Saudi for all time usage
  • Padded mat for Muzdalifah – buy in Saudi
  • Electrical

  • Phone charger
  • Extension cord with multiple outlets
  • A torch (or use phone)
  • Documents

  • Dua book – Can buy in Saudi
  • Quran – – Can buy in Saudi
  • Extra copies of passport and visa