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We encourage customer feedback. We have been actively listening, taking note throughout the hajj processes from enrolment to the group returning. Post return we reach out with our online questionnaire and online feedback. We are aware of your requirements whether you speak to us in English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, French or the universal language of brotherhood.

Brother Sheikh Khalifa is very honest and trustworthy. Excellent service, very pleased from start to finish. Accommodation, transportation and food were excellent. Once you hand over documents to this agent, you feel comfortable as he always updates and gives you clear and honest advice.

I strongly recommend Brother Khalifa to anyone who wants a peaceful and trouble free Hajj. Inshaa Allah I will be travelling to the most beautiful journey in the world with Brother Khalifa again.

Yasser Amer
Hajj 2016 - Deluxe Package, (via Facebook)

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